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June 19, 2011
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Top 10 favorite characters by Fennikusu Top 10 favorite characters by Fennikusu
I was going to submit this after I submit another non Fire Emblem related picture, but I decided not to. This is actually about 3 weeks old. >.<

If you don't know ANY of these ten characters, then well uh...

All of them are actually quite mainstream LOL...why guess when you probably know who most of these are already? OTL I don't watch much anime anymore in general; and only 4 of these characters are from an anime. The rest are from the video games I played in the past (I don't play much video games anymore either). So yeah, these characters are pretty ancient and they're nothing new. XD; Doesn't help that I'm super stubborn when it comes to starting a new series...

*Warning: extremely long fangirling ahead/POSSIBLE SPOILERS*

1)Soren: I always loved this character because of how well rounded his cold and intelligent, but sensitive personality is. He makes alot of criticism, but most of them make total sense! (I also do like the times when he is totally wrong though; I like that he's not always perfect). :D He kinda mellowed out in the 2nd game, but at the same time I like how he manages to stay in character most of the time. Of all the 10 characters here though, he is the most fun to draw. X)
2)Ike: My favorite "typical protagonist". While he's generally a nice guy(except when it comes to his enemies) and sometimes naive, he's not an idiot, and this guy GROWS in character development. (It wouldn't make sense if he were to stay a "scrawny pretty teenager" forever like the average protagonist and be able to defeat a huge Black Knight clad in a hunk of armor and a goddess at the same time!) I can't explain his character justice in a few words; the game has to be played to understand the many reasons why he's just so awesome! I'm proud of this guy. :D
3)Ruby(from PokeSupe): The boy who always wants his pokemon to look beautiful(ironically, I don't see alot of "girly" fanart of him, lol, with his occasional girly mannerisms). Reading his arc in the manga was the first step in renewing my love for Pokemon, pretty much. I find him cute when he wears glasses, though he's too vain to wear them all the time. Sigh. :(
4)Pika Kirby: I couldn't pick between pikachu and kirby, so I merged them together, lol. They're awesome(and my top characters in SSBB), and they're my drawing inspiration of all things. XD
5)Viral: I find it humorous that he starts off as the ultimate archrival to Kamina in the beginning, until the others continued to get stronger (not that he was getting weaker)! There's justifications for that though. I feel pretty sorry for him because of what he is, but that's why I love this guy. XD
6)Zidane: My long time childhood hero <33 My favorite "womanizer" character, lol. I never actually finished playing FF9 (because the game froze on the 3rd disk) but I love this guy compared to all the other FF protagonists because he's not so serious. If a FF9 remake were to ever come out, I would seriously put down my drawing pencil completely until I beat the game. XD
7)Zero: I don't really have a good reason why he's one of my favorites here; he's just plain cool(he does deliver an awesome ending speech before he kicks the bucket though). :( Just...the whole series' characters are awesome looking too; I love the particular art style in this series! If this was an anime ([link])...I think that would be so pretty to watch the entire series unfold. But it will probably never happen.
8)Chrono(Chrono Crusade manga): He's a nice kid demon with occasional anger issues (that he later resolves through the series). His struggle between trying to defeat his enemy and hurting Rosette in the process doing so is heartbreaking; I'm glad he was able to eventually find a middle ground. This series is quite bittersweet, heartwarming, and sad in general.
9)Rosette(Chrono Crusade manga): I somewhat felt obliged to add at least one female favorite here, lol. She can be a bit annoying sometimes, but she has a very strong conviction when it comes to searching for her brother, helping Chrono get his horns back, and fighting against a very limited timespan she has to live with.
10)Dominic: I like the Dominic in the manga better than anime Dominic; anime Dominic was a bit too cheesy to me. He only really shines when it comes to his love for Anemone, but when it does, it is very heartfelt. I'm sad about his fate near the end of the manga, but I think it was something that had to happen. D:

/End fangirling OTL

Though alot of these are somewhat overated characters, I believe they're cliché characters that are done well.

Honorable mentions are: Hiroto(Inazuma Eleven), Dante(Devil May Cry), Pelleas(Fire Emblem...actually, alot of the Fire Emblem characters are in my honorable mentions for that matter), and Alphonse (I remember loving his character but I'll need to watch Full Metal Alchemist again to see why).

-Soren and Ike: Fire Emblem
-Ruby and Pikachu(hat): Pokemon
-Viral: Gurren Laggan
-Zidane: Final Fantasy
-Zero: Capcom
-Chrono and Rosette: Chrono Crusade
-Dominic: Eureka SeVen
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truffulacheese989 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ruby! Awesome!
Fallen-Friend Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2011
They all look so cool. Soren is my favorite. Everyone says the he mellowed out in the 2 game though I don't really see it. Can some one explain it to me.
Fennikusu Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2011
Thanks; I think Soren's pretty cool too :)
Well, I don't think Soren became a nicer person necessarily, but he became just a little more mature (not that he wasn't on several aspects in the first game). One good example is his hatred towards the laguz between the two games; he absolutely hated the idea of siding with laguz in the first game to the point where he'd rather side with Daein than with them, no matter what the logic. In the 2nd game, he still doesn't like laguz very much, but he is more willing to help the laguz, and doesn't give much protest towards the idea.
He didn't fight too much with Titania's ideas either in the second game. There just wasn't much mention of Soren's "horrid" personality like in the 1st; in fact, I think it was Ranulf that said at one point that he had softened.
Aquasakura Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2011  Student General Artist
Well okay. I have heard/seen of most of them. I am not familiar with Zidane however. Speaking of which I have tried that tag you did a few months ago. I just thought to let you know. You can go check it out if you want.
Fennikusu Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2011
Zidane is the main character in Final Fantasy 9.
Oh! I'll go check it out then.
Aquasakura Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2011  Student General Artist
Okay! I did read from your comment that she was from Final Fantasy 9 but I did not know she was the main character.
Fennikusu Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2011
Zidane is a "he". XP He does look kinda feminine here though :/
Aquasakura Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2011  Student General Artist
lannako Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ohh, some great choices right there! i'm glad to see ruby, pika!kirby and dominic in your top 10 hehe~ art-wise, this is awesome too, of course! xD i like the pic you did for ruby especially haha, his expression looks great!
Fennikusu Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2011
Aren't those three awesome? :D
Thanks Lanna! :> And yeah I think I liked drawing Ruby's expression the best (with Ike eating chicken coming a close second)
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